Comtutors, Inc., The Computer Tutors, is the largest computer tutoring organization in the Mid-South, dedicated to providing high-quality, one-on-one training, support and advice.

Each session is personalized to the client's needs and objectives.

Video Conferencing Comes Home!

One of the most exciting developments in computer and Internet technology is now available for the home or small business user.

In December, 2005, MSN and Yahoo announced new video capabilities for their instant messaging services. In 2007, Skype added video conferencing to their popular Internet voice and phone service.  Video conferencing allows individuals and small businesses to have live visits / conferences / meetings with others anywhere in the world for FREE for as long as you want to visit.

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Remote Training & Support

For our existing clients, we also offer on-call remote training and support.  Via the Internet, we can log on to the client computer and view the client computer screen, mouse movement and keystrokes.  Everything is encrypted and password protected.

New Machine?

Thinking about a new machine? It is very easy to over- or under-equip. Let us help you select the right combination of computer, software and peripherals to fit your needs.

Have a new machine? We can help you get that new system up and running quickly. If it is a replacement, we can help transfer your information from your old system to your new one so you can be up and running quickly.

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More Than One Computer?

Many homes and offices now have more than one computer. Often, these computers need to share information, Internet connections or peripherals. This is called networking and we can set up your network and teach you how to use it.

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