Video Conferencing For the Home and Small Business

If you thought Email was a great way to stay in touch, imagine viewing and talking live to your favorite grandchild, neice, grandparent, etc. or negotiating an important deal or managing a project over long distances without travel or long distance costs.

It is very inexpensive to set up.  We can get you up and running quickly and show you how easy it is to use.

With the advent of inexpensive web cameras, high speed internet connections and a service such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Microsoft Network (MSN), video conferencing is no longer the domain of large businesses.  Now, with a computer, Windows XP or later and a free subscription to one of the services, anyone can talk and view live video from another person anywhere on the planet for as long as they wish for FREE!

All you need to make this happen is an Internet connection (preferably high speed), a computer, an inexpensive web camera ($20.00 up), microphone and speakers (or headset) and free subscription. Odds are, you already have most of what you need.  Most computers come with speakers, many come with microphones and many laptops have both built in.

Each service, Skype, MSN and Yahoo, requires you and your viewing partner to sign up for a free account on their service and to download and install their messaging software.

Each offers live video in both directions for one-to-one connections. Yahoo provides for multiple viewers to log in but the video slows down to about one frame per second (stop motion video).

Each service provides security to prevent eavesdroppers from listening in on your messages.

Contact us for more information on what is required and how to get set up for this exciting new use for the Internet.