More than one computer?
Need to Share Resources?

A network is the answer.

In its simplest terms, a network is two or more computers connected together to share one or more resources.  A resource can be a printer, a file or folder or an Internet connection.

We work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.  Whether your network is wired, wireless or a combination, we will make sure your network is sized for you.  We also make sure your network is secure, especially in a wireless environment.

More and more, homes and offices have multiple computers and need to share resources such as printers, Internet connections and files.  With these needs, networks are becoming more common.  Whether your computers are in the same room or on the other end of the building, a small network can answer these needs.

Networks don't have to be expensive.  Because most computers come wired for netowrking, additional equipment for a wired network often costs less than $100.  Additional equipment for a wireless network does not cost much more.  Many newer laptops come with wireless capability already installed -- all you need is the network.

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Do I Care?

These, and others, are pieces of a network.  And no, you don't have to know how they work but your network technician does.  Just like with a car, you may not Know how the engine, transmission, differential, alternator or oil pump work but your auto mechanic does.  You don't need to know how all those things work to drive the car. The same is true with a network.  You just need to know you have a good, reliable, secure network and a technician who can fix it when it does break.