Comtutors, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Howard and Brenda Watson for the purpose of teaching people how to make use of a very powerful tool, the Personal Computer. The company quickly became the largest computer tutoring organization in the Mid-South area.

The Watsons noticed there was a tremendous gap in traditional classroom computer training. Many people did not have the time to spend in all-day classes and those classes were not tailored to the individual student. In addition, a class is on a single subject and uses a strict curriculum for that subject. The instructor cannot deviate much from that curriculum. Many times, the version of the software being taught did not match the version on the student's computer.

The solution was one-on-one tutoring, on the client's computer and software, designed around what the particular student needed to learn to achieve their goals rather than a strict curriculum. The model used is very similar to the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) used by school systems. The tutor is not limited to a specific curriculum or even to a particular subject. The training is oriented to meet the client's objective, not the trainer. The client's time is not wasted covering skills they already know or skills they never use.

Over the years, the business evolved into more than just a training organization. It quickly took on the additional functions of technical support for both software and hardware. As the Internet grew in function and popularity, Howard became a Certified Internet Webmaster and began teaching web site design and designing web sites for clients.

Through all of this growth and evolution, client training continues to be the core of the business.